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Shiatsu Massage #01

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is a traditional form of massage that comes from China and Japan. We use gentle pressure with our palms, thumbs or fingers along the body’s energy pathways. This allows blocked energy to release, tense muscles to relax and the body as a whole to revitalise. A treatment is deeply relaxing and has an overall calming effect allowing the body’s self-healing processes to work more effectively. For more information, see Sian Marian Shiatsu, Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu and the Shiatsu Society UK.

How can Shiatsu benefit me?
Shiatsu can help relieve a variety of health problems, such as: tension and headaches, anxiety and depression, fatigue and insomnia, joint problems, back pain and stiffness, neck and shoulder problems, digestive disorders, respiratory illnesses, circulatory and uro-genital disorders, menstrual problems and PMT.

Can Shiatsu help relieve stress?
Shiatsu not only relieves specific complaints, but also helps to maintain over-all health, bringing relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Many people use Shiatsu preventively to help them keep well, live their lives to the full and counter the effects of everyday stress.

How long is a treatment?
The actual massage takes about 45 minutes but we ask people to leave an hour, so we have time for questions and for you to rest afterwards.

How do I choose which treatment to have?
Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy both have their own particular advantages and there are many condtions which could usefully be treated with either. Broadly speaking Shiatsu works more with movement and Craniosacral therapy more with stillness. Unless you already know which treatment you want, we will make a recommendation based on your needs.

How many treatments will I need?
This varies according to why you are coming for Shiatsu. Generally speaking the longer a person has had a problem the longer it will take to treat. Most people with a specific complaint will have several treatments at weekly intervals until some definite improvement is maintained, before decreasing the frequency of treatment. After a course of treatment, many people will still choose to come for Shiatsu on a monthly or seasonal basis to maintain health.

What should I wear?
Loose, comfortable clothing such as track suit trousers.

What Our Clients Have to Say about Shiatsu

‘I have been visiting Sian for a once a month Shiatsu massage for over five years. I am a healthy, hard working woman with lots of demands on my time. Sian always knows exactly how to release the built up tensions in my body. When I lie on the massage bed I relax and put my challenges aside. After a treatment I always sleep very well and the following day I notice an increased level of physical and intellectual energy. Shiatsu for me is one way of looking after my health. I can strongly recommend Sian's highly professional treatments to people who lead busy lives.’
Dr Katalin Illes, University Lecturer

‘I have tried many different treatments for persistent discomfort in my lower back and shoulders, but only Shiatsu has provided an effective way of managing the pain in the long-term in addition to almost immediate relief. Furthermore, regular sessions with Sian have been hugely beneficial for dealing with work-related stress, helping me to relax and yet stay focused.’
Stuart Sharp, Research Scientist

‘I have experienced the Shiatsu treatments by Sian Marian as contributing greatly towards my overall health, relief of specific symptoms and general wellbeing. After a treatment I feel at ease, deeply relaxed, and more centred. Many of my symptoms have abated or become more manageable since seeing Sian. During treatments some acute pain I have had went away completely. Sian is a skilful practitioner and is gentle in her approach. I have experienced her as understanding, a good listener, accepting and extremely kind. I personally believe that there are different ways and routes towards reaching good health and it was a relief to meet a practitioner who was supportive and accepting of this. Sian is someone I trust. I wish everyone could experience a treatment by her.’

'In over five years of dealing with an undiagnosed neuromuscular problem, Shiatsu has provided helpful practical therapy in the best tradition of complementary medicine. It is independent both of high-technology and the need for western diagnosis, and is entirely non-invasive. I have used it to good effect while taking Western medicine as well. It has provided surprisingly effective relief from muscle aches and cramps, headaches, numbness and even tight chest and stomach problems. Even had it had no effect whatsoever on the current problems, I could recommend the experience for its effectiveness at reducing tension and promoting a sense of well-being - every time.'
Dr. Marjorie Winter, Mathematician

‘I believe Shiatsu considerably revitalised my emotional energy which in turn helped me to come to terms with my original diagnosis and to regain my physical and mental health. My neurologist could not believe that I was the same person he had seen only three months previously.’
Jane Shelley

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