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Stress-reduction tutorials

Your body and stress
We are complex beings with many ways in which our minds and bodies affect each other. Tension in muscles and compression in joints in particular areas can send signals to the brain which release stress hormones making us even more tense. Indeed even the thoughts we think can have the affect of increasing our stress.
The good news is that we can learn to send feedback loops in the direction of more ease and well-being instead. This is what I will be teaching you by looking at three main areas.

Your physical body
There are certain key areas which affect whether you feel stressed or relaxed. Among these are the face, the base of the skull, the neck and the base of the spine. I will teach you simple exercises, forms of self massage and use of acupoints to help free up these crucial areas so that your nervous system can function better.

Your body’s energy
The subtle energies of the body should move in particular directions. When this doesn’t happen you won’t feel good though you may not understand why this is. When you are stressed, energy which should be flowing smoothly down the body tends to flow upwards instead. You may feel agitated, find it hard to stop thinking and you may feel out of touch with your body . I will teach you how to use energy exercises and acupoints to help the energy flow appropriately, to help your mind to calm down and allow you to feel more at ease.

Your mind
The body and mind powerfully affect each other. Certain thoughts and ways of thinking may lead you to feel agitated and tense, while others may lead to a sense of ease and peace. I will teach you some simple things to recognise and learn to change how your thinking may currently be adding to your stress. If appropriate I may also teach you some awareness exercises and simple meditation practices.

What my clients have to say about stress-reduction tutorials
“I met with Sian to get some help with stress. Of course, since we're in lockdown, we met over Zoom. She did an amazing job of clearly explaining the connection between the nervous system, stress, and the stress-relief techniques. The techniques were simple, easy to follow, and effective! I would highly recommend getting Sian's help if you are also struggling with stress and feeling in need of a bit of grounding and self care that actually works.” Bridget, grants officer

“Sian listened to my personal stressors and what I currently do for stress relief, and suggested some gentle exercises I can do daily. These take just a few minutes and help relieve pain due to clenching my jaw. Sian has a very gentle and soothing manner that puts you at ease right away.” Cherie, project manager

“Sian brought a gentle and compassionate quality to our session which immediately put me at ease. Sian was incredibly knowledgeable and tailored her approach to my needs. I felt very calm after the session, and look forward to having more!” Grace, wellbeing coach

Health and wellbeing tutorials

Here I will help you give yourself a treatment based on what you need at the time. This can include self-diagnosis, breathing exercises, yoga or chi-kung exercises, meridian stretches, acupressure points or meridians, tapping along energy pathways, meditation or anything else that is needed.
It can be exciting and empowering to start to feel the actions of points or to feel energy moving in the body. It can also be very reassuring to recognise that you can help yourself feel better!

What my clients have to say about health and well-being tutorials
"Sian showed me a series of energy points to work on to treat my back pain and demonstrated the action required, and sent me pictures afterwards to enable me to practise. She also showed me exercises to help. The sessions were really helpful and made a significant almost immediate impact." Alix, well-being coach

“I’ve found the online sessions that Sian has offered a welcome and much needed support during the difficult times of the lockdown due to Covid 19. Despite initial reservations about receiving treatment in this way, I have found the thoughtful way that Sian has organised the sessions of great benefit, providing a relaxing and healing experience when face-to-face sessions have not been possible.” Matt, educational psychologist

“I'd describe the online sessions as a combination of a self-treatment with some personalised training. Sian taught me some simple shiatsu techniques, based on my particular needs at the time, for use during the session and afterwards. I’d recommend the online treatment for someone who is willing to take an active approach to maintaining their wellbeing.” Jane, university course co-ordinator

Stress and the nervous system

The part of the nervous system that helps regulate the stress response (the ventral vagal nerve) is “switched on“ through our social interactions. Eye contact, the friendly sound of another person’s voice, touch through a hug or a handshake, and the feeling of connection we have with a friendly presence of another all help us feel more at ease and less stressed. These ways of regulating stress which we are often unaware of are all far less available to us during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us feel stressed and out of sorts even when there are no obvious external stress factors.

In the sessions I offer I will help you learn to find ways to access this part of the nervous system, and so reduce your stress.

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