Massage at Work #01

Seated Shiatsu Massage in the workplace:

- gives immediate stress relief, helping to ease tired aching muscles and promote relaxation
- can help alleviate the conditions that give rise to RSI or WRULDs.
- is given in a special chair, designed so that the receiver can relax and receive massage on the neck, back and shoulders
- is given through the clothes, no oils are used, and this means that the individual’s daily routine is not overly disrupted
- usually takes 25 minutes and is given in a staff recreation room or quiet corner of the workplace
Massage at Work #02

Stress in the workplace

is significant in poor performance and reduced productivity. A stress free workplace is happier, efficient and more productive. Seated Shiatsu Massage leaves your employees feeling energised, relaxed and motivated, resulting in your company getting the best out of your staff.
I trained with the European Shiatsu College, and with Shiatsu College UK - Norwich branch. I am fully insured through the Shiatsu Society UK.
Massage at Work #03


Cost depends on the number of treatments, frequency of visits and your location, but ranges from 20 to 30 for a 30-minute session. I also give one-hour sessions. I am available to visit work sites in Cambridgeshire. For a quote and to arrange a visit, click on email to right.


'The Shiatsu massage provided by Peter Joseph is an excellent service
that combines value for money with relaxation. Having a busy job that is
mainly based at a computer as well as being a keen gym user can result in
stiff and sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. This massage is
very effective in relieving stress in these areas. The 20 minute sessions
are also easily accomodated into a lunchbreak. I can highly recommend it!'
Charlie Steward, Biologist

'Twenty minutes is . . . enough to relax a lot and get rid of the tension that builds up during the working day especially when sitting in front of a computer! I started before my pregnancy and continue now that I'm 6 months pregnant and it's really useful in helping not to get all those 'side effects' of pregnancy such as backache.'
Catherine Leroy